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. 63rd Annual Meeting
. of the International Society of Electrochemistry .
International Society of Electrochemistry

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Electrochimica Acta

A special issue of the Society’s journal, Electrochimica Acta, is planned based on selected original contributions made at the conference. Selection will be made by an international editorial Committee comprising the following Editors and Guest Editors, one for each of the Symposia in which the meeting is articulated:

Symposium 1 Gunther Wittstock
Symposium 2 Elena Ferapontova*
Symposium 3 Alexander Kuhn
Symposium 4 Shinichi Komaba
Symposium 5 Deborah Jones
Symposium 6 Yann Bultel
Symposium 7 Kurt Hebert
Symposium 8 Vessela Tsakova
Symposium 9 Nick Birbilis*
Symposium 10 Karel Bouzek
Symposium 11 Patrizia Mussini
Symposium 12 Frantisek Hartl
Symposium 13 Angel Cuesta
Symposium 14 Zdenek Samec

The action of the editorial Committee will be co-ordinated by Sergio Trasatti, Editor-in-Chief of Electrochimica Acta.
The Special Issue will accommodate ca. 140 papers. Submission only on invitation of one of the Guest Editors.
Submission time window: 25 August - 30 November 2012.

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