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. 63rd Annual Meeting
. of the International Society of Electrochemistry .
International Society of Electrochemistry

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Symposium 10
Metallization for Microelectronics, Photonics and Energy Conversion Devices

Sponsored by: Division 4 , Electrochemical Materials Science

This symposium will address electrochemical processes used in the fabrication of 3-D interconnects for microelectronics, photonics, as well as current collectors for energy conversion devices. Issues related to electrodeposition over a wide range of length scales, from Cu on-chip metallization to through-silicon-vias (TSV) for chip stacking to circuit board and packaging applications will be the focus of this symposium. The extension of these methods and new materials to the metallization of optical and energy conversion devices, such as photovoltaic, current collector for 3-D batteries will also be examined. Papers exploring the chemistry, metallurgy, performance and reliability of these structures are encouraged. Processes such as electroplating, electroless deposition, chemical mechanical planarization, electropolishing, electrografting and electrophoretic deposition will be discussed. Contributions that expand our understanding of these processes and offer a view to their implementation and extendibility in fabricating intricate 3-D wiring architectures are of particular interest.

Symposium Organizers
Thomas. P. Moffat (Coordinator), NIST, USA (thomas.moffat@nist.gov)
Masanori Hayase, Tokyo University Science, Japan
Hideo Honma, Kanto Gakuin University, Japan
Yosi Shacham-Diamand, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

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