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. 63rd Annual Meeting
. of the International Society of Electrochemistry .
International Society of Electrochemistry

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Electrochemistry for Advanced Materials, Technologies and Instrumentation

Prague is a city with a special relationship with electrochemistry. Polarographic methods of electrochemical analysis were developed in Prague. The city also has often facilitated fruitful meetings of the electrochemical community. Czech electrochemists hosted in Prague the 1st Polarographic Congress in 1951, the 21st CITCE Meeting in 1970, and the 41st ISE Meeting in 1990, organized jointly with the J. Heyrovsky Centennial Congress on Polarography. Now Prague opens its gates to the electrochemical community for a fourth time. The Organizing Committee of the 63rd Annual ISE Meeting cordially invites you to participate in the meeting on “Electrochemistry for Advanced Materials, Technologies and Instrumentation”.

The theme of the Meeting outlines challenges to electrochemical science and technology associated with satisfying societal needs in the 21st century. A detailed understanding and consequent control of chargetransfer and related processes will be essential in the development of novel processes and materials in diverse fields of science and technology ranging from energy conversion to biological sciences. The meeting will emphasize the multidisciplinary nature and impact of today’s electrochemistry.

Join us in Prague to contribute to a discussion of the latest developments in the field of electrochemistry and to establish and strengthen the links between electrochemists from different regions and cultural backgrounds.

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