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. 63rd Annual Meeting
. of the International Society of Electrochemistry .
International Society of Electrochemistry

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Exhibitors & Sponsors

Exhibitors Sponsors

DropSens, S.L.
Ivium Technologies
Palm Instruments BV
Metrohm Autolab B.V.
Springer Verlag GmbH
Bio-Logic SAS
Gamry Instruments
Agilent Technologies
Uniscan Instruments
Zahner elektrik GmbH&Co
DropSens, S.L.
Gamry Instruments
Zahner elektik GmbH&Co
American Elements

The space allocated for exhibitors at the 63rd Annual Meeting in Prague is full.

Furniture Catalog

Price list of equipment for exhibitors
Please address all questions concerning additional equipment to:

Delivery information:
The shipments can be sent to the CLARION CONGRESS HOTEL PRAGUE one day prior to event (Saturday 18th, August). All shipments have to be marked with the name of the event "ISE".

Set-up and breakdown times
Setup time: Sunday afternoon as of 15:00 or  Monday morning between 08:30-10:30
Takedown time: Wednesday afternoon as of 12:00

Exhibition times
Monday 10h30 - 20h00
Tuesday 9h30 - 20h00
Wednesday 9h30 - 12h00

Reception times
Sunday welcome reception 18h00 - 20h00
Monday 18h30-20h00
Tuesday 18h30-20h00

Delivery address
Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
Petra Divilova
Freyova 33
190 00  Prague 9
Czech Republic
All boxes have to marked as „ISE“

Delivery date
It is agreed with Clarion that your material can be delivered on Friday 17th August.

Your contacts at Clarion
Additional furniture: martin.harcarik@clarion-hotels.cz
Shipment information: petra.divilova@clarion-hotels.cz
Exhibition booth information (like AV equipment): kamil.istvanik@clarion-hotels.cz

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